Salary Determination Mechanism and System

Salary Determination Mechanism and System

a. System

The Local Public Service Law provides for determining salaries for employees of local public bodies in accordance with functions and responsibilities for them. Actual amounts are based on the pay grade schedules fixed for respective job groups. The pay grade schedules are to be decided, together with other important matters related to compensation, under bylaws instituted by the Metropolitan Assembly.
The pay grade schedule for executive posts in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is divided into 5 grades in accordance with the technicalities involved in their respective jobs. Individual employees are given salaries determined by the pay grade schedule corresponding to their respective job and execution ability in that grade according to their functions and responsibilities.

Pursuant to bylaws and ordinances, the employees also receive incidental allowances such as commuting allowance and family allowance.

b. Revision of salaries

Actions of strikes by the personnel are banned under the Local Public Service Law. Alternatively, the current system provides that the Personnel Commission, which as a neutral, specialized organ, can recommend to the Governor and the Assembly on revision of pay grade schedules and other working conditions.

The Tokyo Personnel Commission makes recommendation on the revision of pay grade schedule for the employees once a year, in principle. The amounts to be newly adopted are fixed mainly based on salaries of private enterprise employees in Tokyo.
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