Employment System

Employment System

(1) Recruitment system
a. The recruitment of employees is performed in principle through the examination by the Personnel commission on the basis of the principles of merits as well as open and equal opportunity.
b. Recruitment for available positions other than the positions such as doctor and nurse are conducted through selection.

(2) Promotion system
a. The employee to be promoted to a general executive post is chosen from among the personnel at lower positions who are eligible based on their position occupancy period. As for specific promotional stages, however , capabilities of the candidate are verified through the promoting examination to be executed by the Personnel Commission.

Contents of the promotion examination are ,in addition to the work record evaluation , writing tests answering alternative cultural problems (social situation, social status, etc.), making descriptive replies to specialized questions (job knowledge, systems, etc.) and writing an essay on a given subject.

b. There are separate promotion systems for such specialists as doctors and researchers and technical and transportation employees, etc. They are promoted after being subjected to promotional investigation combining the work record-based merit rating and ability demonstration tests in consideration of characteristics of the respective posts.

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