Unbiased Internal Examination System

Unbiased Internal Examination System

(1) Unbiased examination

In order to protect the economic rights and benefits as well as ensure guarantees of status for our employees, the local civil service law approves the action for "demands for measures concerning working conditions" and the "appeals by employees of adverse personnel actions" directed by the employees. Internal examination of these is usually referred to an unbiased examination, practiced by the Personnel Commission and an impartial and neutral third party, according to quasi-judiciary procedures.

(2) Demands for measures concerning working conditions

The employees are able to demand the Personnel Commission for appropriate measures to be made by the concerned authorities, pertaining to working conditions such as wages, working hours, etc.

This system is acknowledged to act as compensatory measures against the restrictions imposed upon the fundamental labor rights of the employees, and its aim is to secure their economic rights and benefits as well as rationalize the working conditions.

In the case of arising demands for measures concerning working conditions, the Personnel Commissions shall carry out internal examinations of the case and make adequate judgments. The Personnel Commission will then, based on the results of the examination, carry out actions within its jurisdiction, and provide necessary counsel to the authorized bodies concerning other actions.

(3) Appeals by employees of adverse personnel actions

The employees are able to appeal to the Personnel Commission against disciplinary punishment or adverse actions of the appointing officer.

The purpose of this system is to provide relief measures for the employee in case of illegal or infringements upon rights and benefits, and ensure guarantees of status.

Whenever appeals concerning adverse actions are submitted, the Personnel commission shall conduct examinations according to quasi-judiciary procedures. Upon the request of the complainant, the commission must carry out verbal trials, and must also hold open trials upon request as well.

The commission shall acknowledge results of the trails as legitimate and valid, or amend or cancel it if deemed illegal or unjust. Moreover, if necessary, the commission shall indicate to the appointing officer the necessary and appropriate measures in order to restore the wage allowances and other such benefits.

However, a suit to nullify the above adverse actions may not be brought forward unless it has passed through a voting (decision) by the Personnel Commission concerning the appeals complaint.
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