Personnel Agencies

1 Personnel Agencies

The Local Public Service Law has been instituted as the basic law concerning the local public service personnel.

The law provides for basic standards for personnel agencies of local public bodies, position classification and treatment of local public service personnel in concrete terms.

The personnel agencies in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are the appointing authorities and the Personnel Commission.

Appointing authorities: Such authorities execute the personnel management rights including the rights for appointment, dismissal and disciplinary punishment of the personnel.

In the case of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, such authorities are the Governor, Board of Education, Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police, general managers of local public enterprises, etc.

The personnel commission: This is a specialized, neutral personnel management organ composed of three members. Its powers include the following, among others:

a. Administrative powers

(1) To state its opinions to the Metropolitan Assembly and the Governor on the enactment, amendment or abolition of bylaws concerning the personnel.

(2) To make recommendations to the appointing authorities on the operation of personnel administration.

(3) To conduct research and investigation on personnel administration.

(4) To conduct competitive examination and selection.

(5) To make reports and recommendations to the Metropolitan Assembly and Governor on the pay grade schedule.

(6) To register personnel organizations.

(7) To exercise its powers as the agency supervising labor standards.

b. Quasi-legislative powers

To institute bylaws of the Personnel Commission regarding of its powers

c. Quasi-judicial powers

(1) To examine and judge upon applications for action concerning working conditions of the personnel

(2) To render rulings or decisions on objections stated against the adverse actions toward the personnel
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